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Who Needs Managed Services Anyway?

Who Needs Managed Services Anyway?
Picture a company, any company will do, maybe it’s yours. Now, imagine its entire work force calling in sick on the same day and not expected to be back for a couple of weeks. What would happen to the company’s ability to produce, meet deadlines, and make sales? How would this sort of disaster affect the bottom line?

I think it’s pretty obvious that this would be devastating to any company.

But, do you ever think of your computer systems in your business as an employee? You should. In today’s business world, not much can get done without computers. In fact, we take their reliability for granted and don’t even think about all that the IT system in our businesses do to help us be successful. In almost every business, including yours, the computer is relied on for communications, sales, track the manufacturing process and keep vital documents related to accounting, human resources and proprietary information vital to success.

This is where the benefit of contracting with a managed services provider becomes essential.

To put it in English, managed services are simply the routine and continual monitoring and maintenance of a computing system’s health.

By having a trusted provider monitor your system 24/7, essential maintenance such as security and software patch updates, antivirus protection, data backup, and ,more, a company can mitigate the chances of an unexpected breakage or malfunction disrupting their ability to operate and meet the obligations of the company. Larger companies perform these types of services within their in-house IT department because they know how important maintaining a healthy system is. Smaller companies need these services as well, but lack the resources to perform them.

Parabellum Technology Solutions can be your partner, your IT department (if you will).

We offer remote monitoring and maintenance services, including daily, weekly and monthly health checks. We automate patch management; provide antivirus solutions and affordable data backup. If a problem arises, we can often handle it remotely, sometimes even before you realize that the problem exists. Through routine maintenance of your computer system, we can help keep your one of your most vital employees (the trusty computer system), healthy and performing at optimum levels.

You can afford to wait for your system to break. Valuable time and money is wasted trying to recover from a fatal system malfunction. You’ll pay your employees for their downtime, you’ll pay an IT company large sums for data recovery, and you’ll lose sales, miss deadlines and damage your good reputation you’ve worked so hard to build. 

With a managed services contract, you have an affordable, fixed rate solution. You can budget for this kind of protection. So, who is managed services for anyway? It is for every company, large or small. It’s even more vital to smaller and medium sized businesses that don’t have personnel on staff to protect this vital asset of your business.

It’s for you.

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January 31, 2014